About Us

California Dreamers will take you back in time to a rustic canyon in the heart of Los Angeles, where a musical revolution was born. We bring you live scores of the hits that shaped a generation, from artists including Mama’s and Papa’s, The Turtles, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and plenty more.

1965 saw an astounding number of musicians move to an isolated part of central Los Angeles, Laurel Canyon. Within months, a revolution was born. Mocked by many for their mantra of peace and love, the movement that started on the West Coast of America quickly spread around the globe, taking with it a powerful musical message and new sounds.

The Experience

We want to give those who remember a chance to return a lost era, and those who don’t a chance to experience the peace and love movement for the first time. This is a fully immersive experience designed to open minds, hearts and souls.

Walk with us through history to the soundtrack that defined a generation. Brought to you by our talented musicians and production team, we invite you to dance under the stars and witness nostalgia at its best.

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